A leader in innovation

Our Formula for Success

Walex has made a huge impact in the waste treament and deodorant industry with “performance products for performance needs”. When we first started, liquid deodorizers were the only option for portable sanitation and recreation vehicle market. Our founders saw this as an opportunity to do something different – and they did!

Walex was the first to develop water-soluble sachet deodorizers for portable sanitation and RV and marine markets, forever changing how lavatories are serviced. “Just Drop It In!” is the familiar slogan that represents our portion control products’ proven convenience and ease of use.

Since that landmark breakthrough, Walex has become established as the leading brand in all of our markets served, known for our best-in-class formulations and products. Over the years we have pioneered many innovations in our industry, including:

· Effective waste and paper degrading enzymes for waste treatment systems
· Non-staining colors for commercial applications
· Natural enzyme-based cleaners and deodorizers
· Advancements in biological grease digestion
· Water soluble portion controlled black water holding tank treatment
· Rapid dissolving tablet grey water holding tank treatment
· Unique patented urinal screens
· Time-release formaldehyde-free sanitation deodorizers (WAVE 2 Technology™)
· Odour-absorbing air treatment technologies

Innovation Through Options

The need for choice and variety is a constant throughout every industry, around the world. By developing alternative options, from fragrances to performance features, we’re better able to suit customer needs and extend product lines. Walex offers a wide variety of products in quick-dissolving packets, scoopable powder, rapid-dispersing tablets and super-concentrated liquids.

Walex also has a full commitment to providing biological solutions to our markets served. We have invested and continue to invest time and resources into the development of progressively safer and more environmentally friendly options. These product offerings demonstrate our strong customer focus and our commitment to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Research and development

Research and development plays a critical role in the innovation of the Walex product line. Ongoing R&D allows us the opportunity to provide our customers exceptional technical support and a steady stream of new and innovative products.

Our on-site research and product development laboratory is staffed with over 35 years’ experience in the creation of innovative products, process improvements and unsurpassed quality control. Walex is ISO 9001 quality certified.

Headquartered in the thriving port city of Wilmington, North Carolina, our modern facility with leading-edge production equipment assures customers excellent quality at the absolute lowest cost, while providing our employees with a safe work environment. We manufacture and ship products to over 50 countries around the world. Walex has been honored with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Award, which recognizes U.S. businesses that achieve competitive success in international markets.